Republican Roadmap to Victory in Virginia

Republicans got trounced on November 5th. There’s no way to sugar coat it.

The rejection at the polls now presents an opportunity to rebuild the Republican brand in Virginia. If we settle, retreat, and make excuses that Virginia is unwinnable, we do zero justice for our future.

Many Republicans – nationally and right here in our state – wrote off our chances in Virginia after Hillary Clinton won the state in 2016. Many walked away, and we witnessed the consequences in our recent elections. In 2019, our candidates worked hard, but we had stale talking points with no vision. We were grossly outspent. Democrats had many – albeit wrong – ideas and millions of out of state dollars to back them up.

Elections have consequences. Governor Ralph Northam now has a clear runway to press policies that infringe our second amendment rights, inflict blows to our economy, and, most alarming, completely disregard innocent life, as Virginia Democrats’ actions promoting and supporting late-term abortions insinuate.

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