With the 2020 presidential election rapidly approaching, we see members of the far-left advocating for single-payer health care, despite knowing how it will negatively impact Americans, including higher taxes on the middle class and limited accessibility and coverage received. We saw with ObamaCare the detrimental effects of government-managed health care. Premiums sky-rocketed, we found out we could not in fact keep our health care plan, and millions of Americans’ lives were disrupted. We cannot stand idly by while the far-left attempts to tax Americans to cover the costs of their outlandish programs. We must find ways to improve our healthcare system and address health care costs, but moving in a single payer direction is not the answer.


I believe life begins at conception. Being a father is a blessing from God, and the protection of life has been the bedrock of my life as a father of four. We must focus on reaching out to communities with supportive resources, providing alternative options. Liberals in Virginia have gone too far, promoting infanticide and late-term abortion. You do not need to be pro-life or a person of faith to acknowledge this is disgusting and inhumane. Being pro-life does not mean we are anti-women’s health. I want my four daughters to have every resource available for optimal health. Pro-life means we respect life at every stage, beginning at conception, and politics must no longer interfere with an issue that determines life or death.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is enshrined in our constitution. I will defend this God-given right against anyone. Even at an early age, I personally saw the effects and felt the scourge of gun violence we see in inner city communities. Gun ownership is not the issue — the issue stems from criminals and bad actors who don’t understand the value of human life nor care about the damage they cause. Extreme liberals rely on fear tactics and misinformation to push a socialist agenda. I will never waiver in my support for the 2nd Amendment, and I am ready for the fight ahead as Virginia Democrats ramp up their efforts to take away Virginians’ rights.

Defense And Veterans’ Affairs

Our nation’s military is the fiercest and strongest the world has ever seen. We must remain focused on balancing our budget, but sequestering our military’s budget will only cause a decline in our military’s ability to operate around the globe and cripple our national security. Today, we rely on our defense and intelligence communities more than ever. They must have proper budgets and personnel to protect our homeland and our citizens. As an active member of the Navy Reserve, I know just how important it is to ensure our men and women in uniform are equipped with the tools necessary to train and fight on the front lines.

Ensuring active duty members are adequately prepared for their transition to civilian life is a key pillar for my Defense policy. Nearly 200,000 military service members transfer from active duty to civilian life each year — it is our duty to make sure our Nation’s heroes receive a smooth, successful transition. “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.” – President George Washington


America is a nation of immigrants, but we must remember we are a nation of laws. People need to come here through the process While traveling overseas I saw that America remains the land of opportunity and people seek to achieve that American Dream. Legal immigrants continue to enter the country every day, starting their pathway to citizenship following the laws of the land they hope to call home. Everyone should be able to partake in the prosperity of our nation, like my family has, but the journey to citizenship cannot begin with an illegal entry. We have to know where people are coming from, why they are coming here, and everyone needs to have the proper documentation to validate their claim. Our southern border is rife with instances of illegal entry into the U.S. Our government is shirking on its constitutional duty and is electing to ignore a growing problem that our children will be left to deal with. We must protect our sovereignty, the American people, and legal immigration, including a wall on our border, and we must reform our broken immigration laws and upgrade technology at our ports of entry.

The problem doesn’t stop at securing our border. Advocating for and funding Sanctuary Cities that protect lawless illegal aliens by members of Congress entices people to enter out country illegally. Earlier this year, a police officer was suspended for cooperating with Federal immigration authorities on a deportation order because of laws passed by our state’s legislature. The madness has to end.

Jobs and the Economy

Right now, our economy is booming. President Donald Trump’s tax cuts and economic reforms have put our country on the right track after eight years of big government and economy-stifling policies. Unemployment overall is at an all-time low. Minority unemployment is at an all-time low. We are returning America to a business-friendly environment by cutting senseless regulation and red tape, and our stock market is hitting record highs. I will never vote or support anything that will put the government’s hand further into your pocket. You can spend your money better than the government can and I will fight tirelessly to keep the government off your back.


Lobbying and burdensome regulation have done great damage to our energy industries. The solution to our energy crisis lies in investing in different forms on energy and lifting restrictions on energy production. We need to end our dependence on foreign oil while maintaining a safe and clean environment for American families across our nation. We have ample supplies of clean coal, hydro, solar and wind power. We need to make the proper investments in them as the technology becomes more readily available. America has always been the leader in innovation and when American minds set their sights on something — the sky is the limit. I have no doubt that American ingenuity will continue to make improvements as it has done, without the government driving what industries should benefit.

Wasteful Government Spending

As long as our government continues to expand in size, we will continue to see wasteful spending across the board, and it needs to stop. Whether it be smashing the Budget Control Act caps, suspending the debt ceiling, allotting trillions to pet projects, or a simple refusal to look at government inefficiencies and adjust with the times, our representatives have funded programs that do not represent the ideals and values of Americans for too long. Families every day must make difficult financial decisions. Our government should be held to the same standard. As Americans, we support each other! Over 60% of Americans give to charity. I just don’t believe we should rely so heavily on government programs to decide what issues and programs are deserving and which are not.