Candid Candidate Spotlight: Omari Faulkner (R) VA, U.S. Senate Race

Candid Candidate Spotlight: Omari Faulkner (R) VA, U.S. Senate Race

RFSO spotlights the latest entry into the Virginia U.S. Senate Race for 2020.

Omari Faulkner, 37, is a former Georgetown University Men’s Basketball player who attended on a full athletic scholarship. He has served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserves and former U.S. diplomat and is running on a Republican ticket. He met his wife while both working for the U.S. State Department stationed in India and are the parents to four young daughters.

Faulkner has his roots in Christianity, a strong work ethic and service. He gave an enlightening interview to The Daily Wire where he outlines his platform on core issues on Gun Control/Second Amendment, Immigration, Economy, Homeland and National Security, Wasteful Government Spending, and Defending our Liberties. See the details here.

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Former State Dept Official, Georgetown Basketball Player, Launches GOP U.S. Senate Run

Former State Dept Official, Georgetown Basketball Player, Launches GOP U.S. Senate Run

Omari Faulkner, a former U.S. diplomat and lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserves, announced late last year that he was launching a bid for U.S Senate as a Republican out of Virginia.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Wire, Faulkner, who played college basketball at Georgetown University, discussed why he is running to unseat Democrat Senator Mark Warner as well as his unwavering support for the Second Amendment amid a push by Democrats in his state to implement gun confiscation.

Through challenges that he faced growing up, Faulkner developed a heart for serving others that is evident in what he has chosen to do for work. After playing basketball at Georgetown University, Faulkner traveled around the world while serving in the Bush administration at the U.S. State Department.

Faulkner said that as he traveled the world he witnessed many regimes in foreign countries limiting the rights and freedoms of their citizens and became determined to protect that rights and freedoms that the U.S. Constitution grants to Americans so that his four young daughters could grow up in a country that afforded him the opportunities that made his life possible.

Rooted in his Christian principles, Faulkner has also served in the U.S. Navy Reserves and has had success in the business world within the national security and defense industry and serves as an adjunct professor at his alma mater, Georgetown University, and mentors students across the country.

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Ex-Georgetown Basketball Player Omari Faulkner Running to Unseat Sen. Mark Warner

Ex-Georgetown Basketball Player Omari Faulkner Running to Unseat Sen. Mark Warner

Former Georgetown basketball player Omari Faulkner has launched a pro-Second Amendment, Republican campaign to unseat Virginia Sen. Mark Warner (D).

Faulkner has served as a U.S. diplomat and a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserves.

He says he is running because the news reports from Virginia are full of “conflict that divides us” and “politicians who fail us.” He says, “It is time to stand up for the people and values of Virginia and reignite the American Dream for our children.”

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Virginia Democrats Whitewashing Their History, By Tearing Down Ours

Virginia Democrats Whitewashing Their History, By Tearing Down Ours

While most Virginians raced to spend the Christmas holiday with their families, Virginia Democrats raced to be the most self-righteous and the most outraged, with many calling for the removal and replacement of the Robert E. Lee statue in the U.S. Capitol building. But no one wants to call this what it really is – the far left’s hypocritical attempt to whitewash racism in Virginia’s recent history, committed by Democrat leaders still in office today.

First, let me be clear – all American history, even slavery, should be represented and not painted over. Virginians should be educated and reminded of our past to ensure such horrors do not repeat themselves. That is why we should not rid ourselves of historic reminders like statues. When we cover up unappealing history and the reminders of its existence, we run the risk of allowing such beliefs to manifest in younger generations who become completely unaware of our collective history.

Our own Governor Ralph Northam says removing the Robert E. Lee statue is something he has “long wanted to do,” but was that before or after it was discovered he dressed in blackface as an adult man and Virginians called for his resignation? If Democrat Reps. Jennifer Wexton and McEachin are so passionate about removing the statue, do they also believe our governor should resign for his own racist past? What about The Washington Post, whose sympathetic reporters are jumping in today to revise history for Governor Northam, lauding his heroic comeback merely ten months after they were speculating about whether he should resign? ​

As an African American man, I am fully aware that racism exists today, but I live my life and raise my daughters with the belief that we cannot let it affect our lives, we cannot harbor bitterness. And we cannot whitewash over the governor’s indiscretions any more than we should our history of slavery, that to many, Robert E. Lee represents. 

History is not only about battles won, but about the lesson in history and the reason battles were fought in the first place. Our mistakes do not need to define us, but teach us lessons to be better men and women. But that’s not what Virginia Democrats are concerned about. Virginia Democrats want to exploit African American voters with righteous indignation over statues to distract from their own hypocritical offenses and to avoid talking about the issues that matter to Virginia families today. Issues like unemployment, criminal justice reform, education, and economic opportunity – all issues, coincidentally, President Donald Trump has been focused on and delivering on since the day he took office. We are better than that.

The fact that a Republican president has delivered more tangible wins for the African American community than the Democrats pushing to tear down a decades-old statue is something the liberal left cannot stomach. The fact that someone in their own party committed a racist offense more recently than the generals of the Civil War is an ugly truth they prefer we don’t acknowledge. But this is not an us versus them debate. We are Virginians, we are Americans. Virginia Democrats would rather we take sides in these debates, pit one another against each other. But we must stand together and learn from the scars of our past – however historic or recent they may be – and get back to doing the work of the people. 

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Republican Roadmap to Victory in Virginia

Republican Roadmap to Victory in Virginia

Republicans got trounced on November 5th. There’s no way to sugar coat it.

The rejection at the polls now presents an opportunity to rebuild the Republican brand in Virginia. If we settle, retreat, and make excuses that Virginia is unwinnable, we do zero justice for our future.

Many Republicans – nationally and right here in our state – wrote off our chances in Virginia after Hillary Clinton won the state in 2016. Many walked away, and we witnessed the consequences in our recent elections. In 2019, our candidates worked hard, but we had stale talking points with no vision. We were grossly outspent. Democrats had many – albeit wrong – ideas and millions of out of state dollars to back them up.

Elections have consequences. Governor Ralph Northam now has a clear runway to press policies that infringe our second amendment rights, inflict blows to our economy, and, most alarming, completely disregard innocent life, as Virginia Democrats’ actions promoting and supporting late-term abortions insinuate.

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Omari Faulkner, Former Georgetown Basketball Player, Navy Reservist and Former State Dept. Official, Announces Campaign for U.S. Senate

Omari Faulkner, Former Georgetown Basketball Player, Navy Reservist and Former State Dept. Official, Announces Campaign for U.S. Senate

Pledges to Challenge Our Leaders to Be Better, Keep the American Dream Alive

Washington, D.C. — November 13, 2019 (For Immediate Release)

Today, Omari Faulkner, a former basketball player for Georgetown University, Navy Reservist and former State Department global envoy, announced his campaign for U.S. Senate in Virgin-ia.

“Politicians have become power hungry, seeking term after term for political gain without
delivering results. For them, it’s not about Virginians, it’s not about Americans — it’s about
seeing their own agendas. Enough of the empty promises! We must shift focus from division brought on the American people by power hungry politicians and focus on continuing the
massive improvement our country has made in the last few years,” said Faulkner. “I’m running for U.S. Senate not to deepen the divide, but to represent the voices of Virginians, the voices of Americans. Together, we can move our Commonwealth and our country forward, ensuring a better tomorrow for our future generations.”

Omari has dedicated his life to serving others. Rooted in his Christian principles, Omari serves as an adjunct professor at his Alma Mater, Georgetown University, where he teaches Master’s level courses and mentors students across the country. Understanding the need to secure the American Dream passed onto him, Omari is active in the Commonwealth community, serving statewide on several advisory committees and boards, advocating for quality education, service and volunteerism, economic development, veteran affairs, and history preservation.

“My great-grandmother never learned how to read or write, but her optimistic view for the
future instilled in me the values of hard work, perseverance, and always putting others above myself. She was the American Dream,” continued Faulkner. “Armed with these values, I was
inspired to serve our country in the Navy Reserve, and today, as a leader in government
solutions, national security, and workforce advancement, I’m proud to help our nation create jobs and solve problems.”

As part of a new generation of Republican leaders who will rally all Virginians around an
optimistic vision of opportunity and prosperity for all Americans, Omari Faulkner has already established himself as the only candidate who can win the Republican nomination and beat Mark Warner in the 2020 general election.

Omari’s self-made story is the epitome of the American Dream, and his commitment to family values and service to others will challenge Virginia to reach its full potential. To learn more about the campaign, visit and follow on Facebook, and


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