Humble Beginnings

Omari Faulkner was born in Memphis, Tennessee, to a family that taught him the meaning of family, perseverance, and dedication. His father was a truck driver who taught him to do everything to the best of his abilities, and his mother made sure he understood the importance of family and determination. His parents showed him that only Omari could define himself. His great-grandmother was the personification of hard work and community, and though she could not read or write, she inspired Omari’s life of service, faith, and optimism. Her circumstances did not define or limit her, and that life lesson would be Omari’s foundation.

American Dream

Omari for Virginia

Omari’s mother, looking to raise her family outside of the hardships of Memphis, relocated her children to a small town in Georgia. The transition was hard on Omari, but his mother’s will to provide everything the family needed, regardless of the circumstances, stayed with him as he went on to college, started his career, and began to raise his own family. He remembers walking everywhere with his mom. They walked miles to the grocery store when they did not have transportation. He even vividly remembers walking with her to cook and clean for an elderly couple several days a week. She taught him no matter how hard things were, to always give back to others.

It was during these moments that Omari remembered his great-grandmother’s example and he became an optimistic visionary, just like her. While walking to the grocery store, he would dream of the day he would make his mother proud. He dreamed of the day he would achieve the American Dream.

Part of that dream was to attend Georgetown University. Basketball would become his challenge and motivation. He started playing very late but excelled and went on to receive a full athletic scholarship to attend Georgetown University, where he played on the men’s basketball team. He achieved his dream. But there was still more to his story.

Servant Leadership

Upon graduation, Omari felt called to something bigger than himself and served in the U.S. State Department as a Sports & Cultural envoy. This unique opportunity allowed him to travel around the world, sharing the values of our country where freedom and individual liberty are held in such high regard. After witnessing the regimes of foreign countries that limit the rights of their citizens, Omari was determined his children would grow up in the same land of opportunity that made his life possible.

Joining the U.S. Navy Reserves taught Omari that the best way to find yourself is through serving others, and he has continued to dedicate his life to serving more. Rooted in his Christian principles, Omari serves as an adjunct professor at his Alma Mater, Georgetown University and mentors students across the country. Understanding the need to secure the American Dream passed onto him, Omari is active in the Commonwealth community, serving statewide and on a number of advisory committees and boards, advocating for quality education, service and volunteerism, economic development, veteran affairs, and history preservation.

New Day in the Old Dominion

Omari is living proof that where you start does not determine where you end. His story is a testament to the fact that the American Dream is still very much alive. While career politicians today seek to divide us and limit our possibilities, Omari believes all Americans have reason to believe in and demand an optimistic future. He is running for the United States Senate to show that what we have seen is not what we have to accept! Together we can move our country forward. There is no limit to what we can achieve, and we must begin a new day- ensuring a better tomorrow for the next generations to come.